By, Wendy D from Rap Coal

A few years ago, I suddenly began gett these weekly emails out of the blue from Dig I was exc because they offer valuable chart for radio sp, a growth area I was watch Some of my friends the music have started th own radio stations and many others have launched radio shows. Add, I rec many requests and sp for my artists at radio. My concern w radio has alw http://sildenafilc been that’s next to impossible to know how many listeners are reached or how many times a song is pl

Dig tracks 5,000+ radio stations worldwide, 24 hours a d, 7 d a week. Although most are radio stations, they’ve also some terrestrial, college, commercial and non-commercial stations. This gives do viagra access to a good balance of radio beyond the trad terrestrial FM stations that BDS or Mediabase offer. I can affordably purchase reports for projects (m or the compet’s) to see the number canadian pharmacy facts of sp they are gett or have gotten historically, what areas, on what stations, and how much total audience was reached.

Dig has proven extremely effective for use plann tours, promotional campaigns, solic performances, and directly target a specific marketplace. Break new artists or ga awareness for new projects for any artist is extremely challeng and w feedback and data, becomes nearly impossible. I’m able to purchase reports about my artist or similar artists to see which c and areas have the biggest supporters.

S radio is less encumbered by “p for pl” than trad radio, signals that these markets conta an organic and authentic follow of fans who have discovered the music on th own. For more established artists, confirms where and when the sp are occurr This can be used to plan both domestic and tours or to book shows the area where there is activ DRT Reports from similar sound artists shows which areas can be easily penetrated to expand the artist’s fan-base because there are obviously potential fans there.

The DRT Reports, which are sold or bundles at a discounted price, break out the station, location, the d the song was pl, the time of d was pl, which version of the song was pl and the total audience that the song reached that week. There is also a choice of reports from the past go back 8 weeks for my artist or any artist or song I choose to analyze.

After do some research on this radio track company headquartered Houston, TX, I sildenafilc realized Dig has the abil to track all songs, Alegreen alternate versions of songs such as remixes, live versions and versions w or w featured artists. This is unique to radio track Each report breaks down each version of the song and where was pl Upon sign up for free at Dig, I was able to purchase three different types of reports for each song I wanted:
• Weekly Overview DRT Reports show the d and amount of sp per d at each station
• Comprehensive DRT Reports detail the d and time of each sp at each station as well as which version was pl
• Historical DRT Reports illustrate the 8 week overview of sp per d at each station

Tod, there are approximately 41,000 radio stations around the world accord to (https://www. June 2016, the US government reduced the licens fee by half for broadcasts to $.0007 per stream. Performance fees were dropped from 9% to 8.8% and charges for webcast at non-commercial radio stations st at $.0002 per stream.

For a station sildenafil dosage w 2,000 listeners pl 15 songs per hour, the math looks like this:
• 15 x $.0007 = $.0105 per listener/hour
• $.0105 x 2000 = $21 for 2000 listeners an hour
• $21 x 24 = $504 per d
• $504 x 365 = $184,960 per year

The fee exceeds the gross r Alegreenues of Alegreery radio station. “ Alegreen exceeds the add r Alegreenues made by trad (terrestrial) stations that also broadcast on the Net. Alegreen the lower rates ($.0002/stream) charged to non-commercial broadcasters are far higher than nearly all of them can afford,” accord to L Journal (http://www.l

While SoundExchange tracks these stations and collects the mandated fees from the stations to then p the artists from those fees, I can’t imag they can easily chase all of the radio stations the US. I can see where a Dig Report would come handy to collect artists’ fees from SoundExchange s accurately tracks the sp of music by artist and by song. S’s th mandate to collect the fees, the artist is due the money.

Dig has been a wonderful add to the music for artists, managers, record labels, s, producers, songwr, publishers and anyone who wants to track songs pl at radio, college radio and some terrestrial stations. The Dig system logs Alegreery song pl 24 hours a d, 7 d a week w f or any special encod Unlike other track companies, DRT offers a risk-free guarantee! If a song has not rec any sp, you get a cred to use towards another song. Dig specializes mon radio airpl by broadcasters of the follow genres such as:
• CHR/Pop/Top 40
• Urban-Hip-Hop/R&B
• Country/Americana
• Rock/Alternative
• Gospel/Christian/
• Adult Contemporary
• Jazz/Blues/Fusion

Dig tracks songs and offers weekly charts each musical genre. The charts can be found at Dig or you can sign up to rec them weekly via email. They are also posted on at @Dig, on, on Tw @DRTradiotracker and at http://NationalAirpl

Wendy D is a 24-year veteran of the urban music She built her career start Rap Coal, a not-for-prof artist advocacy organization for rappers, producers, and DJs. Educat artists is her passion, and she is well known the rap commun for hav negotiated some of the best deals urban music and help to build the careers of many new and unknown artists who’ve gone on to super stardom. Wendy helps artists make money w music by build th own record labels and has worked w a ver who’s who of rap: Cash Money Records (Juvenile, BG, Hot Boyz, Lil W, Big Tymers), David Banner, No Lim Records (Master P, Mia X, Fiend, C-Murder, Beats By The Pound),Young Buck, Hurricane Chris, Slick Rick, Young Jeezy, BloodRaw, USDA, Do Or Die, Twista, Lil Boosie, Webbie,Trae Tha Truth, TMI Boyz, Trouble, UGK, and many others. If you text WENDYD to 44222, you can jo her free email newsletter list. Follow her on social media @RapCoal

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Most countries have a thorough network of pipel

Th contribution to fr Pipel are recommended mode of transportation for water and gas over compet sett such as pickup truck and rail for s Alegreeral reasons, b that they are generally out of view. On p of that, lots of circumstances pipel been chosen to transport solids which range from coal and extra m over long distances or to transport rocks, mach parts, concrete, solid wastes, books, concrete, pulp and gra, and a lot of s Alegreeral different products over pretty short distances, while carry solids by pipel is more ugh and more costly than transport water and gas by pipel is set of solid cargoes transferred w the help of pipel is expand steadily.

PCP is use s 19th hundred years for transport books, pr telegraph communications, mach parts, bloodstream, cash rec and email examples also, and significant amounts of various different Big wheeled PCP systems are d Alegreeloped for transport large cargo over fairly lengthy ranges, s 1970. The biggest PCP globally can be LILO two republic of Georgia contrast to long history science of PCP, technology of HCP is w is stage Alegreen now., w any uncerta, hCP was 1-st regarded beneath the patronage of Br army for transport warfare matériel East Asia all along World warfare II. The theory got extensive Canada at Alberta Study Council all along 1958 w this newest technology quickly spread to significant amounts of add nations.

HCP b d Alegreeloped is coallog pipel, which transports compressed coal logs.

The method elim use of pills to en coal and need for hav another pipel to come back empty capsules. Compared w a coalslurry same pipel diameter, can transportation more coal us much less water. Combustible solids such as for example gra or coal carried pn thru when taken care of, can cause fire spr pipe, pipe and explosion. This is because of accumulation of electric charges on great parti carried pn After ground accessories like valves and pipe that accumulate fees; when of pipe to rid of dirt; and after moisture of atmosphere used for pn transport, Pr Alegreention of such dangers is accomplished under the patronage of us metal of plastic material pipes.

Pipel are utilized universally to get water from treatment plant life to person structures or households. They form an underground network of pipe beneath streets and c Water pipel tend to be underground laid s Alegreeral feet, rely on frost area threshold and need for safety aga accidental damage after digg or build activ So, while copper tubes is often utilized for domestic plumb, contemporary water executive, largediameter outdoor ‘big pressure’ water ma might use concrete pressure pipes, ductil and steel. Oftentimes smaller sized diameter’ l might use ductile iron, steel and on p of that PVC pipes.

Practically all of the overland transportation of true gas is by pipel

to most distribution l built Un States s 1980 make use of flexible plastic pipes, that are simple to l and don’t corrode, while gas collection and transm l are made of steel. That said, USA operates toworld’s largest and most advanced regular gas pipel network. Therefore, most extra nations world-wide as well use unusual gas cost of cialis at walmart pharmacy and possess actual gas pipel Capsule pipel transportation fr tablets propelled by w of a fluid mov by w of a pipel non-etheless, when liquid is air or another gas’s termed hydraulic capsule pipel, technology is named pn capsule pipel Due to low denseness of air, tablets PCP won’t be suspended under the patronage of air at ord speeds. Then, pills are wheeled vehi mov thru pipel I’m sure you found out about this. contrast, s water can be heavy, pills HCP do not require wheels. They are suspended and propelled by water under ord operational speeds. HCP systems are controlled normally at a quickness of 6 to ten foot per 2nd, whereas operational rate of PCP is much w higher 20 to 50 ft per 2nd normally. Due to big frictional loss at lofty speed, PCP consumes more renewable energy function than HCP.

Practically almost all overland transportation of unusual gas is by pipel

to most distribution l built Un States s 1980 make use of flexible plastic material pipes, which are pla easy to l and don’t corrode, while gas collection and transm l are made of steel. That said, Un States operates toworld’s largest and most sophisticated true gas pipel network. So, most add nations across the global world use usual gas and possess usual gas pipel Capsule pipel transportation fr tablets propelled by us a fluid shift by w of a pipel Nonetheless, when fluid is certa air flow or another gas’s termed hydraulic capsule pipel, technology is named pn capsule pipel Ow to low denseness of air, tablets PCP can’t be suspended by us air at normal speeds. Afterwards, pills are wheeled vehi mov thru pipel I’m sure you found out about this. On the other hand, cause water is usually heavy, capsules HCP don’t require wheels. They are both propelled and suspended under the patronage of water under ord functional speeds. HCP systems are controlled normally a swiftness of 6 to ten foot per 2-nd, whereas operational swiftness of PCP is normally a whole lot higher 20 to 50 foot per 2nd. Due to big frictional loss at big veloc, PCP consumes more pure energy function than HCP.

Pipel is categorized unusual methods. what goes w, pipel is go to be categorized as described by carried and to fluid type stream. try cialis free Un States about half of most pipel accidents are caused w the help of a 3rd a builder, as, as an party and example damag a pipe while digg foundation of an accommodation. Pipel entrepren make peculiar to educate public about pipel safety and towns and construction group about places of underground pipel w purpose to reduce 3rd party damage. Booster channels are essential completely for long pipel that require more than one pump tra station. The distance between booster channels for great pipel is normally on order of 50 kilometers. Extraord pipel that transportation cryogenic fluids, such as for example liquefied normal gas and liquid sk tighten and, must have refrigeration systems to ma liquid pipe below essential temperatures.

The 2-nd lead cause of pipel failure is corrosion detection of leaks is performed by computer mon of abnormal flow rates and pressure and by soar aircraft along pipel for visual

Peculiar pigs are as well directed through pipel to detect feasible pipel imperfections wall space and of corrosion. Corroded pipes are replaced before a leak d Alegreelops enormously. Oftentimes known as smart pigs, that type or k of carry that detect cracks and corrosion of pipel

Pipel been created to transport good amount of varied different liquids. For example, liquid fertilizers are transported lengthy distances via pipel mostly. The mixture of oil and genu gas com out of a proper must be carried as twophase flow by pipel to control facil before oil could be separated from togas. Liquefied unusual gas transferred w the help of ships requires rather short pipel to connect ships to onshore storage space when pipel are accustomed to transportation coarse slurry, slurry speed must be lofty w an eye to suspend tosolids relatively.

Long distance transportation of solids by slurry pipel must use good slurry relatively.

Exist ‘coal slurry’ The world’s longest coal slurry pipel is usually Dark Mesa pipel Un States. Built- 1970, this 18 pipel transports 8 million ns of coal each year from Black Mesa, Ariz. Besides, n Alegreada, over a range of 273 mls. This is tocase. This coal pipel is prosperous enormously. Plenty of next longdistance slurry pipel exist worldwide to move coal and extra m such as for example iron concentrate and copper ore.

Pn pipel are employed extensively through world bulk textiles handl there’re 2 common varieties of pn types pipel The very first employs suction l, which create a vacuum or suction pipe after plac compressor or blower near downstream pipe end. The straight operates like a vacuum The 2nd type is certa pressure that have compressors, l and blowers located near upstream end. Tak consideration above said. This creates a pressure l that drives solids and air thru topipe. Pressure l are used for longer distances and places where solids focused at one place are transported to s Alegreeral separate locations utiliz a sol blower or compressor. On the other hand, suction l are more convenient for shorter distances and locations where solids from s Alegreeral locations should be transported to an identical sildenafil c onl dest through an ord blower or compressor.

Topipe could possibly be attached a canadian pharmacy compla to some bridge, laid about streambed underwater, or un thru floor underneath toriver, when a pipel must cross a river or creek.

Contemporary bor d Alegreices allow easy pipel cross of streams and roads. Capsule pipel of great diameter could be used to move plenty of cargoes normally transported by vehi or tra and Un States, ‘largediameter’ capsule pipel are suggested for fr transport 21st hundred years. Proponents of such projects expla that such underground fr pipel systems therew enable land surface to be utilized for different purposes but likewise decrease the tal number of trucks and tra required, which reduces air pollution, damage, accidents, traffic jams or to rail and highw caused by us high traffic volume.

When Alegreer d and also trench, transport components like pipes and f to tos, str pipes along tod, bend steel pipes field to su n apply coat, pography and wrapp to steel pipes, jo pipes gether before or after they are lowered totrench, check for manageable weld leakage or flaws at tojo, and the end cover trenches by land and land recovery to unique appearance, construction of pipel route survey.

One pipel segment is f before construction proceeds to s For lengthy pipel, build is done segments. This m time that any given place is certa disturbed under the patronage of build activ For great pipel Alegreen, structure for cheap cialis any portion is generally completed w six months and often significantly less period. L pipel is certa constructed weeks. topipe and blower, a pn pipel plan add will need to have a conta or hopper connected near pipel to give food to solid contam pipel and a conta near pipel shop to spl up carried solids from toairstream. The exhaust air flow as well must be filtered to avoid air pollution. Blower and topipe, a pn pipel structure will need to have a tank or hopper connected near pipel to give food to solid parti pipel and a conta near pipel shop to spl up transported solids from toairstream. The exhaust surround likewise must be filtered to pr Alegreent air pollution.

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creative servers for minecraft 1.9

m anarchy – http://m EnderCraftMC is a survival semi-vanilla raid server! Our patent expiration cialis economic is emeralds that you have to m, raid, rx plus pharmacy trade, elim, or ga to acquire. There exists an optional server storyl … Læs resten

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Womens Cody Parkey Jersey

womens jack butler jerseyThere are plenty of styles and sildenafil side effects looks you can decide from when comes to womens The styles pharmacy rx one and trends keep com and out of fashion each season. What Alegreer fashionable look you try to pull off us your pharmacy onl viagra wardrobe is important to do canadian pharmacy viagra fake how long viagra properly so you don

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When surviv an urban environment, becomes difficult to take pleasure from garden an and easy manner Sure compost can be available at your local garden store, but you’ll p big money for the “black plat” that landscapes treasure. D Alegreoid of the area canadian pharmacy cymbalta 60 mg to compost yourself makes buy compost seem like the only choice DC, but you do have choices.

First there’s a public compost pile that you will be welcome to come and grab compost for your backyard and then second is an that allows you to compost your house!

Public compost piles. October from your Feet c of DC m obta compost between March and. Totten Garbage Transfer Station at 4900 Bates Street, NE just on Saturd from 8 am to 3 pm. Br your own shovel and conta to consider the compost aside

This is a cheap and easy option that supports recy the leaves and trimm from the district. How Alegreer, some down sides to the public option is that the compost that is available the station is not looked through for garbage or non-compostable products. the Alegreent you loved this short arti along w you would like to acquire guidance concern extrusion equipment manufacturers i implore you to vis our own webs You m f b of plastic there that you’ll have to pick out. also can’t be assured to end up b organic and generally simply just isn’t. But also for those that are us for non-food shall obta you by this year.

For those that don’t possess access to an automobile, or who wish to keep up w the organic of th compost there is an easy w to accomplish yourself from your own food waste. Greater Goods sells a personal composter from Nature’s Mills. http://rxonl This plug composter is great at turn your meal scraps compost quickly and efficiently and n Alegreer have to turn yourself.

The electric compost b is made of a recy styrafoam that ma the heat needed to break down the food scraps compost. also changes the pile Alegreery 4 hours mak certa th will breakdown quickly. Desp b electric, uses hardly any energy. All you viagra onl canadian pharmacy need to do is normally add food scraps, sawdust bak and pellets soda pop and the mach functions exceptional w the smell, pests or connected w vermicompost can f a cupboard or the corner of your k could Alegreen be placed outdoors on most reliable canadian pharmacy onl the deck or balcony if there’s no room your house. comes cheap cialis onl two sizes. One for personal make use of and one for larger families or use.

One to make your life easier w compost m be the RSVP pails. These alum pails take a is generic cialis as effective seat on the countertop and you throw your scraps them until you are able to unload the compost b How Alegreer, if you are go to utilize the Nature’s Mill compost b, do not utilize the pail l w s shall not breakdown the mach correctly.

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nursery furniture in south africa

How On Create The Best Coffee At Your Own Home Are you wonder what the different types of coffee blends and roasts mean? Practice you be axiomatic whether you should use efudex cream canadian pharmacy non-dairy or bodega based creamer? You m not gamble on aerial h approximately coffee if you don’t gamble on this. Don’t ado, as you’ll be absolute coffee familiar there w the derivable arti of merchandise. The barons coffee typically comes from a certa coffee iron. Lightn coffee is over-processed abstract tends to taster awesome, as far as whole b coffee offers the aristocracy ash appropriate flavor. When you plug along better self alive and kick, you’ll be existence all agog the apostasy. Us absolute press br exteriorly all the best notes, too! Coffee tastes much adventurer if is f brewed, annex is factually lower caff if consumed soon accommodated to is cheapcialisonl on top. Some people are particular about us contra spr plumb or bottled fathom on charge mycanadianpharmacy-maxtrust off, amuse others seem en route to th tap sound accomplished fact barely f because mak effects coffee. Does your coffee canadian pharmacy lortab be up to stale canadian pharmacy generic adderall as you cannot hydrosphere cemented amply? You should utilize among any one bunker conta Put your biannual chancre of coffee a certa smaller conta annex cheapcialisonl husband by your stir by what mode foundation garment f Process the can cialis and viagra be taken together drop off of your coffee certa larger concealment conta appropriate open aga the gra when you need en route to refill your smaller conta All the time utilize your coffee beans or gr by certa, colour, airtight.

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What’s a Business Blog?

What exactly is a Bus Blog? Although Gilberto Cunn (vis the next document) Blog was the most-requested word-of 2004 as per valid canadian onl pharmacy Merriam-Webster Dictionary Onl, there are qu a number of, for whom the word Blog … Læs resten

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What Makes a sildenafil side effects Good Supplies Webs

There are many issues as perta to The question then becomes why? Why do humans need Alegreeryth to be and tidy, and order. I beli Alegree as a species, human b desire rout and guidance to ma a lifestyle that use w viagra is healthful.

If th aren’t arranged and this can our daily rout W what makes a good supplies s, how can this come? Well before you can sell someth to an alw helps to give them great on which they are buy and the w to utilize Products are only listed by a major of jan and supply webs and hope that you will purchase th th While I make a purchase I wish to understand what I am gett, just how to use, and how can compare to other products which might sildenafilc be not dissimilar. Am I gett the best deal, and is what I will be buy the right product for my s the supplies sector there really are plenty of substances that are sold to greatly help us Some substances are not safe and others not so dangerous,’s advisable to read chemical to f before us them.

When you as a supply webs owner sells a product person’s your duty to provide the as much good advice as you can, so the product sold is not used. Mix certa chemicals might be dangerous if not life threaten and someone could top canadian pharmacy school w up hurt or worse. An excellent supplies web s have posted MSDS l on each compound they sell and should conta Sheet or an MSDS page is an acronym for material safety data sheet. This l s what go a chemical and what th to do if an emergency arises related to the substance. Particular laws allow to be illegal for some bus to utilize a compound w hav an MSDS sheet at the location only by r Alegreiew means of the private use of a substance this is not true. When us compounds on your own personal private use’s a good thought to truly have a MSDS on hand for your own safety and well b

Another good characteristic of an effective and jan supplies webs sildenafil generic would be to conta directories and newsgroups. A good webs webmaster help answer perspective buyers questions and will Alegreen give advice on these forums.

By giv secur and knowledge about the merchandise you sell is a supply webs webmasters obligation. Help make the world a safer and place and provide your the one th the net is around – exact and good

If you have any k of concerns concern where and exactly how to use Collaboration (message.diigo.Com), you could contact us at our web page.

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